Learning & Development

The CMP Approach to Learning & Development

All of CM Profit Group training programs focus on intense workshops where the participant can practice and apply all learning’s.  Adults learn by being actively involved – so we incorporate very little lectures.  Plus we position all training from the paradigm of the customer.  Our “Suppliers of Beverage Alcohol Retail Partnering” report drives much of our curriculum as this annual report identifies what retailers are looking for and identifies where vendors fall short – that gap is where we focus much of our training.

Our Guiding Beliefs:

  • We believe the Vision of any training program needs to end in MASTERY or EXPERTISE
  • We believe MASTERY can only be accomplished by a demonstration that MASTERY has occurred
  • We believe that unless there is a significant Sales Coaching culture – the investment in training isn’t maximized
  • We believe in few lectures and multiple workshops / role-plays
  • We believe that improving SKILLS and PROCESSES is the best way to increase market share
  • We believe that all training must focus on helping the customer in order to help yourself

Functional Areas of Training:

Professional Sales Process

1.  OPEN Sales Process

  • Uncover and confirm the customer’s situation / needs
  • Present facts (features & benefits) that relate back to the customer’s situation
  • Overcome customer objections (if necessary)
  • Close the sale / next steps

2. Fact Based Selling

  • Advanced workshops on analyzing syndicated data
  • Forecast sales impact to prove profit impact

3. “Win-Win” Sales Negotiations

  • Present your proposal
  • Uncover and confirm customer concerns
  • Identify appropriate negotiating alternatives
  • Gain agreement & Close the sale

Our suggested approach to developing Sales Professionals in to not only EXPOSE your team to these programs, but to ultimately CERTIFY all staff as EXPERTS or MASTERS of the process.   This is the best way to insure that the team is fully prepared to grow market share.

Sales Coaching – for Managers / Future Managers

We highly recommend that every training program include a Sales Coaching component.   Too many managers rely on motivational techniques only to achieve better results – this is not the most effective approach.   Establishing and maintaining an effective Sales Coaching culture is critical to developing MASTERS of Professional Sales Process.

Key Account & Category Management

Account Profiling

  • Identifying and tracking your customer goals / strategies
  • Transition management
  • Knowing which accounts to focus on
  • Resource allocation
  • How retailer’s manage their business – language of retail
  • 7-step planning process
  • Explore various Category Management service roles
  • Develop analytical skills to ID opportunities for the retailer / your portfolio
  • Advanced workshops on analyzing syndicated data
  • Incorporating the data / insight into a “retailer” centric exposure
  • 7-step process
  • How to prepare for and deliver an effective meeting / presentation
  • Video tape to build key public speaking principles
  • Developing “mutual” plans with retailers
  • Strategic approach to resource allocation
  • Outlet level 1 page presentations
  • For Supplier / Distributor sales force application
  • Provide focus and productivity for your portfolio
  • Account Segmentation
  • Category Management
  • Fact Based Selling
  • Presentation Development
  • Presentation Delivery Skills
  • Account Planning
  • Sales Tools Development

We can customize any or all of the above programs to suit your specific needs.   Please call to discuss needs so we can provide a detailed proposal.

“The Definition of insanity?  Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.”