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The CMP Approach to Consulting

We like to think that we are a little different than most Sales Strategy Consultants. We don’t have lengthy mission or approach or methodology statements. Instead, we embrace some simple beliefs.

Our Guiding Beliefs:

  • We believe that we don’t know all the answers.
  • We believe that you know more about your business than we do.
  • We believe that listening is usually better than talking.
  • We believe in telling our clients the truth, even if it may sting a little.
  • We believe that it is better to look for opportunities than to look for problems.
  • We believe the only agenda that matters is our client’s agenda.
  • We believe that the job is not done until our client says it is done.

Over the years, these beliefs have helped us develop deep, long lasting partnerships with some of the most successful beverage producers and distributors in North America.  We have been afforded the opportunity to learn, grow and participate in some very exciting and high impact strategic initiatives.  Here is a short list of some of the more recent.


Sales Strategies and Resource Deployment

Opportunity: Rapidly growing Beer Importer is not sure if it is deploying its Field Sales resources to take full advantage of its growth potential.

Solution: We assessed market specific growth potentials and conducted a retail needs analysis.  We helped our client implement a comprehensive Account Strategy and Profile system and we helped them re-organize and redeploy their Field Sales resources and personnel.

Sales Strategies and Resource Deployment

Opportunity:  A successful regional Craft Brewer had reached the sales volume level where continued growth would depend on becoming increasingly more effective and sophisticated in selling to and servicing large retailers.

Solution: We helped the Brewer develop a three year plan for systematically creating and expanding a Key Account selling organization.  This effort included Training, Strategy Development, Account Planning and Performance Tracking processes.

On-Line Information Dashboards and KPI Scorecards

Opportunity:  A major Spirits supplier was struggling with identifying growth opportunities and managing its KPI’s across multiple product and brand segments.

Solution: We facilitated an information inventory process that identified a wide variety of data sources that the Supplier was already capturing in many separate systems.  We helped the Supplier develop and implement individualized On-Line Dashboards that provided continuously updated performance scorecards at a glance.

Distributor Sales Performance Assessment

Opportunity:  A large Southeastern Beer Distributor had seen its off-premise sales trends go from nicely positive to flat over a 5 year period.  In addition, in the past year, turnover in its sales force had gone up dramatically.

Solution: An on-line survey was developed and sent to half of the distributors off-premise customers.  20% completed and returned the surveys.  Critical insights were discovered which resulted in highly focused training programs for new hires, sales veterans and coaching skills programs for supervisors.  To save time and cost, these programs were delivered via webinars.

Standardized Sales Tools and Presentation Templates

Opportunity:  Newly promoted Sales Vice President for a mid-sized Beer Importer is frustrated when she discovers that there is no consistency across the presentations which her sales team is delivering to retailers.  Also, resources for analytical support are scarce, therefore her team members have to be their own analysts.

Solution: We helped our client create standardized presentation templates that covered about 90% of all on-going sales needs.  Team introduction and training on these templates was delivered via efficient, 2 hour webinars.

Distributor Performance and Retailer Needs Assessment

Opportunity:  Over the last 3 years a large Western Beer and Beverage Distributor has seen sales and service costs rise dramatically on a per case basis.  While able to identify the changing cost components of these increases, the Distributor was reluctant to change or eliminate services without having a better understanding as to which services and service levels were most valued by retailers across the different trade channels.

Solution: We developed a 5 minute on-line survey that was sent to about 70% of retailers.  The response rate was about 25% and the Distributor was able to cut significant costs by targeting service level changes aimed at specific retail segments in the market.

Distribution and Strategy Modeling for Sales and Profits

Opportunity:  A large Mid-Western Beer Distributor had excess capacity in both its warehouses and on its delivery routes.  Finding product opportunities to fill this capacity was not a problem as the company had many new product line options across both alcohol and non-alcohol brands.  What they needed was a method for evaluating the long term impacts for each of these options.

Solution: Working with the Distributor’s Sales, Finance and Operations departments, we created a spreadsheet model that was flexible enough to incorporate literally hundreds of variables, yet sensitive enough so that the company could rank its many sales and profit opportunities with confidence.

Shelf Space Modeling Based on Retailer Profits

Opportunity:  A Tier 1 Beverage Importer was frustrated because their SKU’s were losing distribution and shelf space to higher sales velocity, but much lower retail profit margin brands.

Solution:We created a simple program that drove distribution and space decisions by paying attention to retailer profits first and space to sales second.  The supplier evolved this solution so that it now works as an add-on component with its normal space management program.  To date, over 20 chains are benefiting from this change is shelf space philosophy.

CM Profit has done countless other smaller projects for suppliers and retailers needing to outsource:

  • Sell Sheets
  • Presentations
  • Job descriptions
  • Business Reviews
  • And many others

We are passionate about helping our clients come up with Solutions for Better Selling.  Call us.